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Pockets of Green are designed and delivered through a robust yet innovative, independent structure - including governance, planning, management and funding frameworks. Fundamentally, the role of our team at Pockets of Green is to support stakeholders and facilitate better outcomes and uses for under-utilised, vacant and unsafe sites in our cities.

To do this, our independent NFP organisation leads the below approach:


Step 1:

Work with Council, State Government Departments and the Developer to deliver the requirements of our funding and planning frameworks - ensuring the Pocket of Green can achieve the promised objectives and impact.


Step 2:

Work with all stakeholders to deliver the requirements of our management framework, including securing insurance for the site.


Step 3:

Lead the design and delivery of the Pocket, working closely with all stakeholders to ensure it aligns with their vision, policies and standards. Engage community, local businesses and Indigenous stakeholders along the way.


Step 4:

Lead the management of the space, providing infrastructure maintenance and programming in partnership with and reflecting the standards of key stakeholders.


Step 5:

When it is time to develop the site, manage the communication and bump out of all infrastructure, reusing everything possible on future Pockets of Green.


Step 6:

Work with new or existing development partners to relocate the Pocket of Green with to another site so it can continue to be enjoyed. Our holistic approach helps to avoid push-back against the park closure, reducing risk for key stakeholders and improving outcomes for the community.

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