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For every Pocket

 we aim to:

  • Plant at 50 trees on site and add 20m of native vegetation to the city;

  • Plant an additional 10,000 trees in areas across Australia that need them the most;

  • Provide approximately 500m2 of quality green public space;

  • Capture and recycle stormwater through at least 2 tanks on site that are used to water the park;

  • Provide 30 extra seats for customers of local retailers;

  • Support 2 local artists to create 2 unique public art works;

  • Support the education and training of at least young people;

  • Create 2 new contract jobs;

  • Create new ongoing maintenance jobs.

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What are our goals?


  • Provide additional outdoor space that increases the outdoor trading capacity of surrounding retailers and businesses;

  • Re-attract and retain inner city workers post-COVID;

  • Create at least 2 new contract jobs and 2 new maintenance jobs per site for local workers;

  • Create education and training opportunities for young people;

  • Engage artists and creatives through the design and delivery process, supporting the recovery of those industries post-COVID.



  • Increase urban tree canopy on the site by 20%;

  • Reduce urban heat throughout the City;

  • Capture and utilise storm water on site, accounting for 100% of water usage on site;

  • Generate power for lighting and security cameras using 100% renewable energy sources – either collected on site or through a provider;

  • Adopt innovative waste management tactics to achieve a 80% target of waste diverted from landfill;

  • Increase native vegetation within the city and improve environmental performance.



  • Improve access to green space throughout the inner city;

  • Create Pockets of Green that are truly inclusive and accessible to people of all ages and abilities;

  • Make cities safer and more enjoyable for children and families;

  • Improve mental and physical health outcomes for residents, workers and visitors to the city;

  • Create spaces for people (and their pets!) to connect and socialise.



  • See every site as an opportunity to enhance the character of the city and strengthen the sense of place;

  • Incorporate and acknowledge Indigenous culture in every site;

  • Work with artists to add vibrancy, colour and culture to every site;

  • Improve sense of safety and community within a CBD context;

  • Enhance amenity and activate the city.



  • Align with the vision of the developer to ensure the site continues to represent their future aspirations for the site;

  • Provide developers with an opportunity to contribute to the revitalisation of the city prior to their project being delivered;

  • Align with the goals of Local Council to ensure each site delivers community and organisational benefit;

  • Support State Government and align with key targets particularly around job creation, environmental performance, and generating education and training opportunities for young people;

  • Support stakeholders in attracting and retaining talent within their organisations, offering Pockets of Green as an opportunity to give-back and participate in the positive renewal of cities;

  • Work closely with all levels of Government in Victoria to pilot Pockets of Green and demonstrate the commitment to innovation and recovery post COVID.

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